Pink Label DT132 - Danish Tool Productions ApS

We help solve problems!

  • Our range of unique tools can reduce dust, noise and vibrations.
  • Help you to use standard machines and not heavy and expensive special machines.
  • All the tools which you will see on our web-site is developed by our team.
  • The tools are typically tungsten carbide tipped.
  • We offer tools for the construction, garden, marine and metal/fiberglass repair industries.
  • The production of the tools is done at our factory in Denmark where we also develop the tools.
  • Customers can buy small or big quantity.
  • You can use our band name “THOR”.
  • Or we can make OEM or private label production for you.
  • We can supply from our standard product range.
  • Special development and production can also be arranged for our customers.

Green Label DT211 - Danish Tool Productions ApS

Danish Tool Productions ApS is a company founded in 1989 specialized in the production and development of tool used for construction, garden work, industrial production and boating industry. We have however experience from a wide range of industries as we are often used for helping in the development process.

We offer a wide range of tools which can be supplied with our trademark or in private label, however we also offer special production of tools.

All the tools which we offer are made by us at our factory in Denmark.