June 20, 2024

Band Saw Blades

The TCT band saw blades we have developed is used in industries, such as construction, difficult materials or material combinations. The wear-resistant tungsten carbide tipped band saw blades meets the special requirements for cutting in abrasive materials. In addition, the carbide band saw blade enables radius and contour cuts in certain dimensions, which are required for round designs.

Band saw blade with tungsten carbide tippes

Tungsten carbide tipped band saw blades like this is developed for cutting mineral building materials, such as hollow blocks, aerated concrete, glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastic. Normally, the materials have a rectangular cross-section, which can be perfectly processed with the band saw blade. The precisely cut construction elements with clean, straight cut edges, or desired contour cuts thus contribute to high productivity at the construction site.

Black Label band saw blades

  • Tooth pitch 50mm / ½TPI
  • Tooth pitch 25mm / 1TPI
  • Tooth pitch 13mm / 2TPI