June 20, 2024

About us

Founded in 1989 Danish Tool Productions ApS is characterized by innovative strength resulting in unique products with tungsten carbide tips or strips. Over the years many products have seen the day of light in our development department many can be seen in our standard range but several is designed especially and exclusively for clients.

All our tools are manufactured at our factory in Denmark.

Danish Tool Productions ApS factory building
Danish Tool Productions ApS factory building

In the production and the administration of Danish Tool Productions ApS we only use 100% green energy (electricity, heat, cooling and production gases), it is not only important to use clean energy, but also to reduce the use of it and for the last 15 years this has also been a strong focus of our company – with success.

Diversity is also an important issue and we have ensured that the staff is a good mix of women and men, different religions and ethnicity. For more than 20 years we have worked closely with our local government to train and help people, with different troubles and/or on the edge of the labour market, to get an ordinary job. It’s important to take responsibility and help.