June 20, 2024

Roughing Discs

These roughing discs is some of the most efficient freehand wood shaping and planing tools designed for the wood working industry.

Roughing Discs conical and flat shape with tungsten carbide cutting edges

The discs fit standard 125mm/4½” angle grinders. The tools is fitted with 6 large tungsten carbide teeth which provide a long blade life and the ability to handle all types of hard or soft woods. It will even work through screws or nails if you are working on windows or may building wood boats.

This blade is machined from solid steel and as a result, provides excellent balance and control for the user leaving a fine wood finish, needing minimal sanding.

At high RPM’s (up to 12000 rpm) the tools provide smooth operation and ease of use in creating both flat and curved faces on wood carvings. The depth of cut can be easily controlled by varying the angle of attack of the blade to the timber.

This is universal wood carving tools that can be used in a number of ways to create different profiles and finishes. From being used flat, to create large flat surfaces and edging to trays etc. or used at an angle to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping and wood workmanship.

Green Label conical disc shape

  • Item#: DT212 – Dia. Ø125mm with 6 tungsten carbide edges

Green Label flat disc shape

  • Item#: DT157 – Dia. Ø100mm with 6 tungsten carbide edges
  • Item#: DT158 – Dia. Ø125mm with 6 tungsten carbide edges