April 13, 2024

Research and Development

We help with research and development of new tools, where tungsten carbide is used as a wear part for added life-time and efficiency of the product.

Tools that have been or is being developed.
Examples of tool that have been or is being developed.

At Danish Tool Productions we are often consulted buy our clients, this could be because they have a problem working in a specific material or during the process of developing new tools. It could also just be a wish to update a tool from carbon steel or bi-metal to tungsten carbide.

Over the years Danish Tool Productions have worked with several power tool and hand tool manufacturers as well as companies within the defence, automotive and train repair industry.

Not only do we help in the development of the tool itself but also, and very important, in the selection of steel and tungsten carbide grades to optimize the quality of the tool.

With a high flexibility in our production we of course also produce these special products for our clients even when it is only a matter of small quantities.